5 Reasons Why I Do VBS

by Vanessa Myers

5 Reasons Why I Do VBS

As Children’s Ministry Leaders we love VBS! It’s one of the highlights of our ministry each year. But have you ever stopped to think about why you do VBS? Why do you work so hard every year to make sure VBS is successful?

One year our Associate Pastor asked our church staff to think about why we do the programs we do. She wanted us to truly think and pray about the why. And our reasons could not include "Because we have always done it" or "Because it's my job and I have to do it." So that began me thinking and praying about why I do VBS. And here is why I do VBS every year…

1. To share the love of Jesus with children and teach them how to live a life of Christ.

VBS is our church's largest outreach ministry to children. By doing VBS we can teach many children about Jesus and his love and sacrifice for them. VBS presents us with an opportunity to share Jesus and is a vital ministry in the life of the church. We are called to share the good news of Jesus to others and VBS is a great way to do that with children.

2. To give children time to worship God.

I think one of the highlights of VBS is watching and listening to the kids sing praises to God. On the first day you find kids being shy and not singing much. But as the week progresses you find kids opening up more and singing louder and even wanting to run up front to sing on the stage. It brings tears to my eyes to listen to their sweet voices sing praises to God.

3. To watch how God works not only in the lives of the kids, but also in the lives of the volunteers.

I can't tell you how many times a volunteer comes up to me and says that God was speaking to them through VBS. The messages and Bible lessons are directed to the kids, but I have seen firsthand how God uses those messages for the adult and teen volunteers, too. It's amazing to sit back and watch God work in the lives of our volunteers. God is so good!

4. To give an opportunity for our youth to learn how to become spiritual leaders.

I am a firm believer in using teenagers as leaders at VBS. Youth volunteers are incredible. I have been so blessed to watch our teens develop into spiritual leaders through volunteering at VBS.

As young people serve in VBS we are training them to be witnesses for Jesus. We are modeling ways to be a Christ follower. We are developing a lifelong responsibility in them. We are giving them opportunities to be the light of Christ to a child.

5. To Glorify God.

Everything that happens at VBS is all because of God. God uses our leadership to guide children. I thoroughly enjoy planning and leading VBS. I am grateful that God has given me the gifts to lead. May God's name be glorified through every aspect of Vacation Bible School.

If you lead VBS at your church, I pray that you seek God for the answers to why you do it. Take time to be still, pray and ask God to lead you. I believe that when you can define the why behind doing VBS, then you will have a strong passion to share Jesus with others. Allow God to use your gifts and talents to share the good news of Jesus with others as you proclaim the glory of God during the ministry of VBS.


Vanessa Myers

Children's Director at Dahlonega United Methodist Church in Dahlonega, GA.