A Guide for Sharing VBS online

by Scott Spradley

A Guide for Sharing VBS online

As you are making plans for this coming season, we understand that online/virtual VBS programming is likely to be part of what you are considering.  Already, a number of you have reached out to learn about our video sharing policies for this year.  For the most complete listing of these Guidelines, click here. Below you will find a quick summary. 


Ways you can share Cokesbury-produced VBS videos:

  • Using private teleconferencing meeting apps such as Zoom. 
  • Using Facebook Live in a private Facebook group. 
  • Posting in a private Facebook group.
  • Posting on a password protected website.
  • Posting on a provider like YouTube where only people with the link can access the video. 

These last three options allow families to access your VBS programming on a flexible schedule while still protecting the intellectual property of our writers and producers.


Ways you should not share Cokesbury-produced VBS videos:

  • Posting them out on YouTube, Facebook or your Website with no restrictions on who can view them.
  • Making physical copies of the videos and send them directly to all of the families in your church.

 Both of these options violate the copyright protections of our writers and producers.


If you need additional guidance on how best to share Cokesbury VBS videos, just send me an email and I'll be glad to help! 


Scott Spradley 

Cokesbury VBS Director