Creating a Winter VBS!

by Jayne Andrews

As the seasons change to colder weather and our thoughts move toward preparing for Advent, planning a Winter VBS is probably not on your calendar. Majestic times is just what your family’s need as your church creates a Winter VBS. Cokesbury Knights of the North Castle is a perfect fit with the winter theme, as it invites children to be strong in the Lord and in the strength of God’s power, by exploring how we put on the armor of God. 


Start by looking for ways to connect the winter VBS concept with other ministries at your church. As you think through and discern your ideas remember to keep it simple. Using the Knights of the North Castle materials as your foundation, look for ways to embrace the simple spirit of waiting and preparation.


Here are some ways to get you and your team thinking:


Family ADVENTures with Knights of the North Castle

Advent is a time of inviting Jesus into our homes to be part of our daily activities, our family discussions, and preparing for the birth of Jesus. Assist families with creating special family traditions during Advent using Knights of the North Castle as a weekly guide full of activities and ideas to partake in at home virtually or in-person. Another option is to focus specifically on Session Three – Mary’s Journey to Bethlehem.


Create ADVENTure satchels to send home to families. Include directions and these activities.

  • Foil Art Nativity Craft (See
  • Instant Snow Powder Science experiment (See
  • Instructions on how to play Bible Charades
  • Recipe to make yummy Christmas cookies


Royal Helpers ~ Capture the Spirit of Giving During Advent  Using the Knights of North Castle Mission Leader Guide as a tool, share activities that families can incorporate into their daily lives.  Advent is a perfect time for families to learn and discover ways to serve others through love and action with God’s strength.


Create a Knights of the North Castle Family Advent Calendar Provide families with an Advent calendar with daily activities that they can do from home. Use the Knights of North Castle Overview as a guide and adapt for your specific church. Incorporate Knights of the North Castle mission ideas, reflection time, creating Worship space at home, journaling, etc.


Family Meeting Tradition

Hold a family (K)night at the round table during Advent. Provide families with ideas to incorporate the Knights of North Castle theme with food suggestions, discussion topics, Bible Drama Adventure videos, Bible Storytelling Props and mission/art projects to do as a family.


Weekly Newsletter

Make use of all your social media tools to stay in touch with your families. Use Knights of North Castle Overview as your guide to highlight Bible stories, scripture, Castle Callouts, and to provide resources to help equip parents discover and learn together on their exciting quest.   


Knightly Drive-In (climate/weather permitting)

Choose one night or each Sunday during Advent where families come to a designated parking lot and lead them in Worship, discover the daily Bible story, watch the assembly video and distribute a family snack/meal to eat together in their car. As families depart from the Knightly Drive-In surprise them with VBS take home bags full of age-appropriate materials and activities for them to follow-up with at home.


Winter VBS during school breaks

The Knights of North Castle is easily adaptable for a 5-session VBS, Weekend VBS, One-Day VBS or a variation that fits the needs of your families. Visit for resources to help you visualize the possibilities.


Our world needs to feel and see God’s love and to understand what it means to be strong by remaining with God – let Knights of the North Castle be your guide as we lead families on their faith journey.


Jayne Andrews

Roanoke, VA