Top 10 Post-VBS Reminders

Congratulations on your amazing time during VBS! Months and months of time and interest were devoted to your VBS. Time enlisting leaders. Time training leaders. Time deciding on décor. Time decorating. Time finding all the necessary supplies and materials. Seems like we spend so much time preparing for a successful VBS and then it’s over. Well it’s not really over until you make sure to work your way through several next steps. As you start preparing and planning for VBS 2022 you will be glad you did!


Here's a list of ten tips for ending this year's VBS while preparing for next year's VBS.


1. As the season for VBS ends, stop and give God thanks.

  • Thank God for being able to offer VBS either in person or online.
  • Thank God for being able to share Bible stories with the children of church and community.
  • Thank God for the opportunity to tell children the good news of Jesus.

2. Make sure to thank all the leaders and personnel who served in VBS. Send a personal card, an email or talk with leaders in person. Leaders will long remember how much you appreciated their willingness to serve.


3. Use your social media outlets to share pictures and memories about your recent VBS. Keep the VBS excitement going as kids start back to school and even into the new school year.


4. Make sure all families who were part of VBS have been contacted and invited to Sunday and Wednesday services and programing for the children in addition to special holiday services and events.


5. Consult with your decorating team. Make decisions which decorations should be kept, items that can be shared with another church or décor that can be redesigned to use for your Food Truck Party VBS next summer.


6. Meet with the church staff to talk about what worked and what didn’t work with VBS. Talk about each detail.

  • Were the room arrangements workable for all ages and abilities?
  • Were there enough leaders for all the classes?
  • Were there enough supplies for all the children?
  • Were you pleased with your pre-registration and registration system? Look at ways to enhance your registration system.
  • Were there enough people to help with traffic flow and safety before and after each session of VBS?

7. Look at your purchase record and receipts in order to gauge how to budget for your 2022 VBS.


8. Work with your church staff to decide on suitable dates for VBS 2022.


9. Meet with your core VBS team. Time to dream and plan! Look at workshop opportunities and training for your Food Truck Party VBS.      


10. Enlist a Prayer Team to pray for VBS 2022.


Share your next steps for VBS 2022 in the comment section below!