VBS 2022 - Food Truck Party!

We are so excited to welcome you and all of your Chefs to Food Truck Party: On a Roll with God, and we are praying that everyone who joins this party will know and experience God’s love, presence, and faithfulness. From the minute you and your Chefs arrive at this unique food truck court with the “On a Roll” food truck, you’ll know you are in a very special place where everything we do centers on turning to God in prayer to meet our daily needs and to equip us to meet the needs of others.


At each session, kids, called Chefs, will gather in front of the “On a Roll” food truck, right in the middle of an amazing food truck party. They’ll meet the Top Chef, a first-time food truck owner, and the helpful food truck expert, DJ Cupcake, the puppet. Together with DJ Cupcake and Top Chef, Chefs will learn all about the Main Course/Theme Verse, Matthew 6:11 “Give us this day our daily bread,” straight from the Lord’s Prayer and key learnings, called Daily Specials, that form this familiar mealtime prayer:


God is Great!

God is Good!

Let us thank God for our Food!

By God’s Hands, we all are Fed!

Give us, Lord, our Daily Bread!


As tasty Bible Stories come to life on the Bible Adventure Videos and in the Bible Storytelling Station, Chefs will experience God’s greatness, providing mana and quail to the Israelites. They’ll know God’s goodness as Elijah and the Widow are provided with endless oil, and they’ll join Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in giving thanks for their food. They’ll also witness how by God’s hands we all are fed, as Jesus feeds the 5000 plus, and sit with Peter and the Disciples as Jesus gives them daily bread by providing the food and encouragement they need to share the good news of a God who loves us all. Add a measure of fun and inspirational Food Truck Party music by producer, Andy Wilson, along with great games, creative crafts, and spectacular science, and Chefs will be swept up in the celebration and On a Roll with God––ready to join God in the great work of changing the world and providing for those in need.


We hope you, your Chefs, and volunteers will join the party as we all get On a Roll with God!


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Watch the Theme Reveal Live Video here!


Your Cokesbury Kids VBS Team!