VBS Memories in the Making

by Betsy Parham

VBS Memories in the Making


Think back on your childhood and VBS. What memories come to mind? Was it the seashell craft? The grape punch that stained your mouth and hands? That wonderful teacher who made stories from the Bible come alive? Was it spending quality time with friends new and old? Or was it that fun song that you sang and sang and sang? Even now, when you hear that song it takes you back to your childhood church and you start singing that song and smiling.


As a VBS leader perhaps you remember that child who experienced church and God’s love for the first time. Or was it the tape used on art projects that were displayed with pride in the church foyer only to discover the paint that came off the walls along with the pictures? Was it the spaghetti that was served during your Family Night supper that landed on the carpet in the fellowship hall? Was it the children who asked Jesus to be their lifelong friend after sharing the week at VBS?


Yes, there are so many memories associated with VBS! Why it that? VBS offers a unique approach to Christian education.

  • During VBS we have an opportunity to share the good news of Jesus in a mixture of fun and engaging ways.
  • All through VBS, music, crafts, recreation and Bible study are used to build a strong foundation for faith development.
  • Whether VBS is offered in person or online, the time is special and memorable.
  • VBS provides numerous opportunities for interaction with others. Children discover ways to get along with others while they develop skills that teach them to share and care about the needs of the individuals around them. 

Keep in mind that in some cases, it is the only time children experience church so make this time memorable and meaningful for all.


Music is a vital part of VBS since it teaches children verses from the Bible. Overall music is a major building block in child development. As children sing, dance and move about they are building large motor skills, practicing self-expression, and developing memory skills. Exciting and interactive VBS music creates a sense of joy and wonder. It invites children of all ages into the fun. Just think how many Bible verses and Christ like values children are discovering as they experience the music of VBS!


During VBS children discover God’s love and grace as they hear powerful Bible stories. VBS offers opportunities to teach Bible stories in a variety of ways.

  • Children can experience the Bible story by using drama to act out the lessons. Instead of just sitting and listening to a story, children can put on Bible times attire and reenact the story. Tip! Got leaders who can’t teach yet want to help with VBS? Enlist them to make Bible times costumes for your ministry to children!
  • Children can learn how to use sign language to say the Bible verse.
  • Children can play interactive games to help them remember these timeless Bible stories.
  • Children discover how Bible stories relate to their everyday life, empowering and equipping them to live out their faith in God.

And just think of the hours of Bible study children are gaining while at VBS.


Craft time is an interactive part of VBS. Even last summer during the months of 2020, leaders found ways to get crafts in the hands of children to use as they experienced VBS through a computer screen.

  • As children share in craft time at VBS they are reminded of the Bible stories and biblical concepts.
  • During craft time, children use self-expression which allows their creativity to shine.
  • Children develop a sense of wonder as they explore and create through their artwork and craft time.
  • Children develop small motor skills through craft time at VBS.

While at VBS, children have fun playing games during recreation. Recreation time helps children develop large motor skills, explore ways to get along with one another as well as fine tuning reasoning skills. In some situations, children have an opportunity to create decorative snacks to reinforce the theme of VBS. Some churches provide a healthy meal as a way to meet the needs of families in the community.


Yes, there are so many memories associated with VBS! During VBS you can remember past memories and create new ones. And remember whether your VBS is in person, online, one day or five days it will be a blessing and full of memories as you share the good news of Jesus with the children of the church and community.


Betsy Parham - Nashville, TN