Why do VBS?

by Betsy Parham

Why should churches provide Vacation Bible School?

Churches should be eager to provide Vacation Bible School, since it offers a unique approach to Christian education for families during the summer months or during school breaks.

During VBS:

  • Kids discover God loves them.
  • Kids are presented stories of heroes from the Bible.
  • Kids are introduced to Jesus as their ultimate hero and friend.
  • Kids discover lessons from the Bible to apply to their lives everyday.
  • Kids develop Christ like values of kindness, compassion, and generosity, which equip them to become good friends, family members and caring members of their communities.
  • Kids have time to meet new children as well as have an opportunity to spend a good time with friends.
  • Kids discover Bible verses.
  • Kids have an opportunity to observe the lives of their leaders in order to model those Christ like values.
  • Kids sing upbeat music, observe skits, create crafts, participate in recreation, take part in a mission project, and have a snack or a meal.

VBS provides an opportunity to teach kids about God and God’s love for them. VBS introduces kids to God’s Son, Jesus so that they can learn ways to be like Christ. “And Jesus increased in wisdom and in years, and in divine and human favor” (Luke 2:52). Children will grow in wisdom as they experience lessons from the Bible, they will grow in divine favor as they learn about God and God’s love for them, and they will grow in human favor as they learn life application skills while interacting with others.

Why else should churches offer VBS?

  • VBS offers the church a fun and creative method of teaching Christ-like values and ways to interact with others.
  • VBS provides a strong biblical foundation for faith development for the children.
  • VBS is an excellent outreach tool into the community—a way to invite those who do not normally attend church to come into the church, get involved, and build a relationship with others and with Jesus Christ.
  • The entire congregation can get involved in this outreach program, using their God-given talents to share the love of Jesus with their congregation and community. Adults can decorate, teach, shepherd children, prepare food, send invitations, send follow-up cards to visitors, work with publicity, and pray.

Why should your church provide Vacation Bible School? Just think of all the ways your church and leaders can make an eternal difference in the lives of the children of the church and community!

Betsy Nunn Parham

VBS Volunteer