Vacation Bible School (VBS) Food Truck Party Bible Storyteller



This essential guide introduces your children to each session’s Bible story for Grades 1-6. For each session, you’ll find Bible drama and single storyteller scripts, sign language instructions for the theme verse, and active learning options to reinforce the session's teachings.

Session's include:
Session 1: God Provides Manna and Quail (Exodus 16)
Session 2: Elijah, the Widow, and the Endless Oil (1 Kings 17:8-16)
Session 3: Daniel and Friends Eating the Good Stuff (Daniel 1)
Session 4: Jesus Feeds the 5,000 Plus (John 6:1-13)
Session 5: Jesus Cooks the Catch of the Day (John 21:1-17)

Product Details

ISBN 9781791018382
Pub. Date March, 2022
Binding Book - Paperback